Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kat Von D: Inked Magazine

Inked Magazine Profiles Kat Von D. Photos by James Dimmock.   Read the article, I Am Not Kat Von D, written by Rebecca Swanner for Inked Magazine.

Kat Von D is known for her turn on the TLC reality show Miami Ink and the resulting spin-off, her own LA Ink. She was initially brought on board to fill in for fellow artist Darren Brass while he was on the mend, but Kat Von D caught on with many viewers and became a regular cast member. Kat Von D turned her new-found fame into her own tattoo parlor and her own show, which gave viewers more of what they really wanted. Meow! []

Sex Appeal: Think: Joan Jett, Elvira and a little bit of the girl next door. It's an eclectic mix admittedly, but this unusual amalgamation sums up Kat Von D’s sex appeal. She has a bit of the Joan Jett aggressiveness that’s bound to drive the closet submissive wild. Her looks are dark, her skin is white and her lips are crimson red; what guy didn’t lust after Elvira during Creature Features? And somehow, Kat Von D also manages to come across as sweet and caring. She’s the yin and the yang. Her sex appeal is unique and may not fly for all, but she definitely has a following.[]

Kat Von D's measurements are B: 34 - W: 30 - H:36

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